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  • 雖然作為國內鮮果茶飲先行者, GOMAX果麥已經走過了13個年頭,但我們依然在不斷更新迭代中保持著最年輕的心。

    As a pioneer of fresh fruit tea in China, gomax fruit wheat has gone through 13 years, but we are still in the process of continuous updating and iteration to keep the youngest heart.

    Every drink created by gomax focuses on freshness and health, presenting the original flavor of fruit to the maximum, but also with a vigorous and unrestrained youthful spirit. I'm glad to meet you at the best time, and I hope to keep this distinctive green in your heart.


    一如品牌Slogan “趁年輕,大膽愛”,GOMAX果麥作為一個永遠生機勃勃、簡單純粹的年輕品牌,自不斷研發與持續創新中汲取源源不斷的品牌生命力。

    Just like slogan's "love while you are young", gomax, as a vibrant, simple and pure young brand, draws a steady stream of brand vitality from continuous R & D and innovation.

    It is our vision to break the homogenized market, reject the same flavor as the assembly line, and make a cup of cheap but not plain fresh tea with our heart.